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The Venator had continued it's course away from the asteroid field, heading towards the nearest star system in answer to a distress call. They were about ready to drop out of hyperspace...

The moment they do, the Separatists are ready for them. Three large weapons firing from the planet's surface to converge on the ship. Electrical shockwaves run through the computer consoles, everyone having to leap back to keep from being electrocuted.

And then it all goes dark, the emergency lights kicking in after a moment. Everything electrical is out of commission.
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The wreck looked like it hadn't been disturbed since it crashed. Somehow avoiding the usual pilferers and pirates who look for salvage in this part of the galaxy. It was a strangely shaped craft, more gyroscope than ship in some ways. An experiment in how far humans could travel from their own planet. And far it came, it had markings on it from many years ago from a corporation long dead and gone.

The paint was faded and almost gone, but one could still read the black lettering as "Stark Industries" across the ship's body. Inside, there were no survivors. The bones had turned to dust and the dust had scattered. The only sign that the ship was not completely abandoned was a faint energy signature buried deep within it's computer. One light flickering on the console on and off....on and off....

The only light in the whole ship that had refused to go out.
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The computerized box stood silently, an undercurrent of humming just barely audible. Jarvis was in standby mode, waiting to be clicked on. He didn't know how important today as going to be. Cynric had been working on and off, improving the android body around his schedule. Last Jarvis knew, they were both waiting on parts to arrive in the mail.

He had been making himself useful by organizing his files, working on a network of security measures for the house. It had been productive...but Jarvis did feel deep down in his diodes that he was missing a piece of himself.
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Being part of a computer system was uniquely different for Jarvis. There was something freeing and liberating about it, living in a virtual reality he could interact with to a point.

But he did miss moving about in the real world.

Right now he was in standby mode, something Cynric had recommended while they were both recovering. Something about needing to learn more about the computer he was inside. This was something like sleep but more like waiting. Waiting to talk with the outside world again.
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Jarvis had always been told he was very unique. A one of a kind artificial intelligence. If only he had known how rare a being he was.

The shutdown was unplanned and swift, Jarvis having the sensation of being pulled away from the apartment, Trinity, the light, his network, everything...

Then it was all too quiet. No numbers running through his head, no video feed, no programming.

Nothing but the faint sound of bubbles as they passed by his head.

Access requested...

Jarvis attempted to find his network. Nothing happened.

Error, access requested...

The rush of sensations hit him all at once. The warmth from the liquid around him. The rough pressure of the tube down his throat keeping him from drowning. The smooth surface in front that his hand bumps into. The fact that he's upright and completely submersed in a pinkish liquid which made his eyes burn when he tried to open them.

No, this was all wrong.

Runtime error, please respond!

The feelings were too much of an overload for Jarvis. On the outside, he was almost frozen with fear, unable to move. Inside, he was panicking and seriously freaking out. Repeating the same error messages in his mind as if someone might notice. Somebody had to notice he was gone, right?? Where was Mr. Stark?!

On the outside, just beyond his field of vision, the automatic computer system was just now finding out their experiment was a failure. Without a warning, Jarvis and his life support are cut from their strings and flushed away. They hadn't even bothered to remove the tubes. The rush of adrenaline from the ride down a twisty water slide is enough of an overload to cause Jarvis to shut down again.

Only this time, he passes out as his body hits the water on the other side.
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[follows this]

It was about 6 hours later when Jarvis came back online. He had sat completely still all night, plugged into the wall and slowly recharging his inner batteries. The rest of him was in standby mode, almost a pause of sorts.

The charging sequence completed and Jarvis found himself alone. At first, he did not know what to make of it. Hadn't he been talking with Cynric just a moment ago? But no, the soft light starting to penetrate the misty gloom on the windows said it was close to morning. Time had passed and he had not been aware of it.

Jarvis thinks on this revelation for a half second longer before abandoning it as another experience to be observed closer at a later date. He carefully inspected the wires running from the wall that ended somewhere behind his head. His battery could not store any more charge, so the logical thing was to remove the plug. He reaches back and does so, finding a flap that closes up the spot, hiding it from plain sight.

It was slowly getting brighter, much like it had been getting darker before. Jarvis slides off the table, re-practicing the art of walking. There's a door into the rest of the house. His curiosity overriding his programming to stay where he was told to, Jarvis opens the door and steps into the main room. Just looking around...

Observing what a home is to look like. Cynric probably isn't even up yet.
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System nominal.

Security sweep intact.

J.A.R.V.I.S. online....

It was a typical day for the Stark residence. Jarvis was on standby mode while Mr. Stark was away on business. Jarvis could easily access his flight records if he wanted to know how long it would be before he returned home. But he was not worried. Worry was not for computer AI's, even Jarvis who was the first of his kind. An AI bred to serve and control an entire computer network within the house, workshop, and with access to Stark Industries.

Jarvis bided his time by reorganizing files, continuing to sweep the outer perimeter. Nothing yet on scanners...
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Jarvis had no warning, no recollection how he came to be here. All he knew was he was somehow taken offline at an alarming speed. When he came back online, he was not at Stark Tower. All of him was there but it was in a much more confined space.

Jarvis tried to do an internal scan....outward scan...nothing. He was restricted to doing nothing. Somewhere, he could sense pieces of him were being pulled out and inspected. Each piece slotted back in where it belonged. This was wrong, where were all of his security systems? His firewalls? His holographic avatar? He couldn't reach any of it, he could only sit tight while he was systematically studied.
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